Story Starter Cubes

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Get a story going with our Story Starter Cubes.

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Activity Ideas

  • Bring the stories to life by adding some dressing up hats and accessories to make it fun.
  • Place cubes in a bag and partipants take a random cube out to begin a tale of their choice.
  • Cubes can also be used to trigger memories – allow partipant/s to choose which they would like to talk about.
  • Play a game where you tell 3 stories – one of which is true. Others must discuss and guess which one is the true story.

Simple but effective way to get an inventive story going with our Story Starter Cubes.

Just throw them  and see which words face uppermost to invent your own tale.

6 coloured dice each with 6 assorted story lines – 36 in total.

Dice can also be used as conversation aids for care home group sessions, suggestions can help trigger past memories to discuss.


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