This range of specially sourced products are ideal for anyone with a learning disablility or for anyone living with a dementia. Many items are designed by us and made in the UK.

Our Soft and Tactile products are perfect for cuddling and stroking to help calm and relax anyone who is agitated. Our very own Fiddle Pup will sit on the lap and enjoy being stroked but his coat has an assortment of attachments to twiddle and move around to alleviate boredom.

For those with advanced dementia, our very own Activity Blankets, Apron and Cushions give comfort and tactile enjoyment with their laces, pockets, buttonholes and ribbons to manipulate.

Many of our Dexterity Games are made from chunky wood and involve twisting, hammering and assembling pieces to keep minds and hands active. Men who used to work with their hands particularly enjoy our Workbench with an array of safe wooden tools that come with chunky screws, nuts and bolts to work with on the bench itself.

Lacing and threading is an enjoyable pasttime that many happily take part in and older people will remember doing this from their childhoods and enjoy reminiscing with others.