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Many older people enjoy tactile activities such as making patterns with mosaics as they offer an endless variety of possibilities and there is no 'right or wrong' way to do it. There are sets from 16 pieces to others that are more challenging.

Those who are living with dementia also like to keep their hands busy, one way to do this and have fun too is to thread and lace, evoking 'learnt' skills they will have used throughout their life eg: lacing shoes, sewing etc. Our animal shapes are easy to hold and have nice, large holes and robust laces that fit easily and provide satisfaction.

Our magnetic sets avoid lost pieces and come in various types, you can make your own farm or seaside arrangement with over 35 different pieces on an A3 magnetic board. Or use a Magnetic Alphabet and Numbers set for fun number or spelling games to keep mental agility skills sharp.

Why not try a Polydron set and build up houses, castles or anything you like by just touching the edges, they will stay wherever you place them. Ideal for people of all ages who find it difficult to grip - can help improve hand/eye coordination too!

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Magnetic Cube Set


Magnetic Cube Set that will give hours of fun. Each 'cube' is made up of 24 movable magnetic parts that can be manipulated in endless ways. Set comes with 21 template cards patterns to copy if you can. High quality parts that will make a long-lasting activity for care home residents of all abilities - especially good for anyone with dementia due to the tactile nature of the game. Helps with hand/eye coordination, colour matching and concentration.