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Adhesive A5 Rainbow Sheet


Shimmering metallic rainbow effect self-adhesive sheet that is perfect for all types of art and craft use. Why not cut shapes for home made cards or can be used to jazz up a plain plant pot or photograph frame. A5 single sheet.


Construction Set


Everything you need to tinker and build. 40 different pieces to screw, twist, push and pull. Follow the instructions to build a crane, motorcycle, racing car or airplane or just make your own unique construction. All wood construction.


Doll Therapy in Dementia Care by Gary Mitchell


Advocating doll therapy as an intervention for people with dementia, this book combines theory and evidence to show its many benefits and present guidelines for best-practice. This book debunks the myths surrounding doll therapy, highlighting its proven positive impact on the well-being of people with dementia. Providing clear guidelines on how best to utilise doll therapy, this comprehensive book is an important resource for any professional looking to implement this intervention.


Empathy Doll - Kindy


Special Introductory Price - 10% off! New - Empathy Doll Kindy makes the perfect companion for anyone with dementia who finds it relaxing to cuddle and nurture. Specially designed with dementia patients in mind, she will help encourage relaxation and help encourage child-rearing instincts from the past. Makes an ideal gift for a care home resident or older relative. Ideal for use with reminiscence therapy sessions.

£80.99 £72.90