Senior Craft Activities For ALL Abilities

Senior Craft Activities For ALL Abilities

Now that the colder weather is upon us, many people often turn to cosy fireside crafts like knitting, crochet and model making. There’s a wealth of books, magazines and websites packed full of fantastic ideas – many even show video guides that take you step-by-step along the way.

However, let us not forget those among us who are older and who may have physical or mental disadvantages; who may find crafts appealing but impossible to participate in? Many elderly people have difficulty in manipulating their hands and fingers to hold paintbrushes, needles and the like.

Research shows that creative activities can bring many benefits, such as alleviating boredom, depression, helping with hand/eye coordination and improving cognitive abilities. People who live with a dementia may spend much longer concentrating of making something with their hands than watching the television, as crafts can often bring about remembering and using embedded skills from their past. A rhythmic action such as knitting or painting can have a soothing effect on anyone who suffers with anxiety.

Here at Activities to Share, we take great care in sourcing products that are especially suitable for people of all abilities. We have a large range of art and craft kits that are fun to do and give beautiful results.

Why not have a go at our fun craft kits, choose from:

  • Wooden Box Frame Kits  (makes 12). Frames are ready assembled ready for decorating.
  • Velvet Photo Frames  (makes 12). Just add colour to the tactile velvet frame to personalise.
  • Shell Globe Craft Kit (makes 12). Just fill with coloured water and glitter, then add sequins, beads etc.  to make a spectacular shaker.
  • Piggy Banks Craft Kit (makes 12). Adorable ceramic piggy banks are ready for decorating in your style.
  • Felt Basket Kit (makes 12). For those who can hold a needle, this kit contains everything you need to make beautiful baskets – ideal for sweets, jewellery etc. NB: larger-than-average plastic needles.
  • Bird Sun Catcher Kits  (makes 12). Just add ink to the raised areas to create spectacular bird pictures – great for shaky hands as raised edge stops smudges.

For anyone who has difficulty in holding a small brush, why not add some of our Easy Grip Brushes, nice and easy to hold with a chunky brush for painting. For more detailed brushwork, our Art Finger Brush Painters fit onto finger tops to give more professional results. We also stock many other brush/rollers for unique paint effects.

See our full range of craft activities and art tools in our Art and Craft section on our website.

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