Seasonal Gifts With Sensory Appeal

Seasonal Gifts With Sensory Appeal

Many of us have older loved ones that we enjoy visiting at this special time of the year. It can often be difficult to know what gift to give to someone who is elderly and we often resort to the tried and trusted gloves, hankies or sweet treats. How much more problematic then for a relative who is living with a dementia like Alzheimer’s disease? Standard gifts may be met with a blank stare or confusion, sometimes with the wrapping paper giving more pleasure than the present itself.

Activities to Share work closely with care homes and hospitals in order to design and make products that are ideal for people living with a dementia. We carefully source products that are safe and durable but with the tactile appeal needed. We understand how they can suffer with restless hands and fingers and have low levels of concentration for normal games and conversation.

Many hospitals and care homes have found great success with our range of Activity products, finding that they will keep their residents calm and occupied, these include:

Activity Cushion

Lovely soft cushion with an assortment of attachments to thread, twist and twiddle.  Fabrics are chosen for sensory appeal e.g.: silky, furry, coarse etc. Great for keeping hands active and supple.

Activity Cushion 2

Similar to above but with new vibrant colours.  Attachments include: PVC photo pouch, zip, Velcro tab, corded beads, plaiting cord, buckle slide, tactile ribbons and netted bead panel.

Hand Activity Pad (coming soon!)

Our newest addition; lovely little soft pad adorned with a wealth of sensory attachments to keep restless hands busy for ages. Ideal for single person use in hospitals or care homes.


Activity Apron

Again, designed by us with dementia in mind; provides a wealth of source for keeping fingers busy – also useful to use as a distraction for anyone who is prone to picking at clothes or undressing.

Twiddle Muff Comforters

These lovely Twiddle Muffs make a lovely gift and provide comfort, warmth and sensory stimulation.  Choose from a variety of animal designs each complete with a variety of attachments to twiddle, stroke and squeeze.

Perfect Petzz

The perfect companion for an older person,  stroking these velvety soft pets can provide a sense of calm and enjoyment and actually ‘breathe’. Each comes with its own carrying crate and bed. Battery operated.

For more information on these and our full range of sensory products, go to our website 

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