A simple strip of latex could be the key to relieving those aches and pains that creep up on us as we all age!  A leading NHS doctor, Sir Muir Gray is singing the praises of using latex Exercise Resistance Bands to keep our joints and muscles supple in order to avoid the risks of falls, sprains and breaks in our later years.  Most of us don’t envisage spending our retirement in Occupational Therapy departments, but that is sadly all too often the reality!

Exercise Resistance Bands cost very little (£3.50 each) and come in varying resistances. Julie Robinson, Fitness Expert and author of the ‘Move It Or Lose It’ series of DVDs aimed at health and wellbeing for the older generation including those with dementia or Alzheimer’s, suggests in her book ‘Stay Fit For Life (2014)’ to start with a red lightweight band and gradually move up through the resistances as your fitness improves.  Julie’s 'Put Pep In Your Step DVD’ is designed to be used alongside Exercise Resistance Bands and is a simple and fun way to learn effective routines.  Ideal for Activity Coordinators in Care Homes, Day Centres or Occupational Health departments.

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