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Colour Placement Tiles (144 assorted)


These Colour Placement Tiles will brighten up everyone's day. Can be used for colour matching, contrast, similar tone e.g pastel or vibrant, games such as using a colour and asking what items are that colour and then extending it to talk about one of the items in more detail, personal memories, likes/dislikes. Makes a versatile activity for care home residents for individual or groups.


Cutting Guide Box for Craft Rod


This Cutting Guide Box helps to keep the Hand Saw in the correct position and stops it slipping for safer use. Sturdy wooden box can be secured to a table with a clamp or by hand. Construction activities are great for older care home residents who want to practise learnt skills - especially good for anyone with dementia to evoke memories of work and using tools. Sawing can also help with fitness and hand/eye coordination.


Doll Therapy in Dementia Care by Gary Mitchell


Advocating doll therapy as an intervention for people with dementia, this book combines theory and evidence to show its many benefits and present guidelines for best-practice. This book debunks the myths surrounding doll therapy, highlighting its proven positive impact on the well-being of people with dementia. Providing clear guidelines on how best to utilise doll therapy, this comprehensive book is an important resource for any professional looking to implement this intervention.


Doorbell House Tactile Activity


Ring the doorbell and peek inside this Doorbell House Tactile Activity. Made from sturdy wood, each side has an opening door with a bell to ring and includes 4 play people. You can even lock/unlock each door and never lose the key as they are securely fastened to a long tape for ease of use. Ideal for older people with a dementia - the action of locking/unlocking doors helps with reminisce therapy. Also keeps hands busy and minds occupied.

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