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Timeline Card Game - Inventions


Guess the date of the invention and try to place your cards correctly within the timeline, the first player to get rid of all their cards wins. Great game for anyone who likes to test their historical knowledge and is good for practising cognitive skills.


Toss and Talk Cube - Talk About Your Senses


Our Toss and Talk Cube - Talk About Your Senses, helps you to do just that. A fun way to activate conversation in older people. Just toss the cube to a player and choose one of the senses printed on the side - then choose an image on the inside cubes to talk about i.e: 'What might you hear in the woods?'. Incorporates gentle upper body exercise with discussion - perfect activity for care home residents and anyone with a dementia.


Travel Scratch Map


How many countries have you visited? Have fun 'travelling around the world' with our Travel Scratch Map and identify those you have been to, then scratch off the coating to reveal a contrasting colour underneath. Makes a great activity for older people in care homes as they can firstly identify the country, scratch it off and talk about their experiences i.e was it a holiday visit? what did they do there? did they visit any famous landmarks? Can be laid on a table or hung on a wall. *MULTIBUY OFFER

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WW2 Ration Book


This replica wartime Ration Book brings back so many memories of coupons, queuing etc. Just pass it around and see how many people can recall their own experiences. Great for memory lane displays and also for schools as a wartime history resource. *MULTIBUY OFFER

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