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250 Large Piece Puzzle - Duck Pond


This happy scene will bring back many happy memories of fishing in the local pond for newts, water snails etc. Large 3.6cm pieces to help older hands grip and also makes a great reminiscence aid. Why not team with our Explore the Rockpools Hobby Bundle to make an all-round sensory experience?


250 Large Piece Puzzle - Fill Her Up Please


Enjoy reminiscing about the good old days when the garage attendant would personally fill your care with petrol. There's even an Austen Mini and Ford Capri to bring back memories too! This jigsaw puzzle would make a great gift idea for an older loved one and has larger-than-average 3.6cm pieces for easy gripping.


Garden Windmills (Set of 3)


How delightful to see these windmills whirling around in the summer breeze! 3 assorted designs to enhance any garden - why not place one or two in a plant pot on a windowsill to enjoy? Or use as part of a beach-themed activity to aid discussion about holidays.


Humpty Dumpty Wall Game


You will need skill and strategy with this Humpty Dumpty Wall game. Played similarly to Jenga, build the wall, decide who starts..then take it in turn to gently slide out one brick at a time but mind you don't knock poor old Humpty off his wall! Great game that can help practise hand/eye co-ordination and strategic thinking skills. 2 players. Good for activity coordinators to use as a reminiscence therapy aid for older people with dementia. 2 players.