Introducing our Reminiscence Box - Getting Ready to Dance. This stylish collection is great to help trigger happy memories of getting ready to go dancing. Up to 14 different tactile items to hold and talk about while you take a trip down memory lane.

Activity Ideas

  • Display the rollers and other hairstyle-related items on a table. Discuss what was the most popular hairstyle of people's day. Did they do their own hair? Did anyone have a perm? Did anyone manage to do a beehive? Show the popular styles of the 1960s by clicking on the link:
  • Ask a member of staff to paint participants' nails. Have a number of different shades to choose from. Ask if anyone ever had a beauty treatment at a salon. What did they have done? Was it for a special occasion? Have a game to see how many make-up brands they can name (Rimmel, Max Factor, No 7, Boots 17, Estee Lauder, Maybelline, Avon, Revlon).
  • Plan a dance party 'Hop' in your care home. Make invitations for 'Guys' and 'Dolls', decorate with Vintage Bunting and play Party Megamix 50s/60s to get everyone up. Ask a local dance school if they would be willing to come and put on a dance display of jive/rock and roll.

Introducing our Reminiscence Box - Getting Ready to Dance. This stylish collection of ladies memorabilia is great to trigger happy memories of getting ready to go dancing.

Ideal for a group reminiscence activity in a care home or day centre, and a fun way to encourage conversation about 'getting dolled up' and to attend the local 'hop'.

Kit will include up to 14 nostalgic-themed items.

Why not add items to the set to create different eras?

Items are made from a variety of materials to enable a unique tactile experience and are housed in a keepsake container for storage.

(Please note contents may vary).

See also Reminiscence Box - Night on the Town and Reminiscence Box - 1950/60s Household.


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