Reminiscence - Conversation Aids

People enjoy talking about the past and it can offer great benefits to do so: it allows people of similar ages and backgrounds to swap experiences and help understand more about each other. Many older people find comfort in remembering about happier times and can feel a sense of accomplishment in teaching younger people about how they managed in difficult times. Capture treasured memories from an older loved one in a My Life Story Book, where memories, photos and other keepsakes can be recorded for families.

We have a wide range of items from many different eras to assist with evoking memories with images and suggested question designed to encourage people to talk and share what the picture means to them. Our Fragrant Memories Kit uses scented jars to evoke past memories and included linked discussion topics to aid conversation.

Scentscapes are designed to appeal to all the senses, smell can conjure up a wealth of memories and are ideal for care homes to use with anyone living with a dementia. Reminiscence Therapy is a recognised way to help those with mid-late term dementia to unlock dormant memories and help those caring for them to understand them in a more personalised way.

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Let's Talk OT Pack - Flowers


Let's talk about flowers! This pack with bring to life all we have for flowers. Maybe there is a particular scent that you like or a colour that you are drawn to? This pack is full of ways to stimulate conversation and includes themed activity ideas too. Designed by professionals.


Let's Talk OT Pack - Summertime


This pack's theme is all about the summertime, that brings many lovely things to enjoy in nature and also some British traditions. Let's Talk will bring to mind some of them and you might even learn something new! Pack includes great ideas to inspire conversation and interesting activities to enjoy too.


Let's Talk OT Pack - July


This themed pack is all about the month of July. It will get everyone talking about what to look out for in the gardens and the countryside during this month. Includes lots of conversation ideas and interesting activities about events that occur at this time of the year.