Relaxation and Quiet Time for Care Home Residents

Relaxation and Quiet Time

We understand how periods of tranquility are important to recharge and quieten our minds. Our soft and furry companions are perfect to stroke and cuddle or why not immerse yourself in a simple word search or crossword to concentrate the mind. Our large piece jigsaw puzzles are from just four to five hundred pieces with inspiring images to suit everyone's taste.

  • gives a sense of achievement - completing a puzzle or crossword can help promote confidence and a feeling of accomplishment
  • lowers stress levels - repetitive stroking helps calm the mind and slow the heartbeat, easing stress and anxiety
  • improves concentration - puzzles can keep the mind focused and 'turn off' noise from the outside world
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Empathy Doll - Maria *Reduced Price*


*Reduced price - while stocks last! Ideal for those with dementia - Maria is the perfect size and weight for cuddling! Her lovely bright t-shirt and tactile corduroy dress will give hours of pleasure!

£89.99 £80.00