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Classic Beanbag Toss Game


Get ready, aim and throw! How high can you score with your beanbag? Can be played in two teams against each other (one team orange and one team blue beanbags) or singly. Great for practising numeracy skills for all ages and abilities. Makes a fun active game for older care home residents and can be played seated or standing. Game can be adapted for anyone with a dementia by leaving out the scoring and aiming for top, middle or bottom.


Dot to Dot Book Set (Set of 3)


For anyone who likes a challenge, these Dot to Dot puzzle books are designed to be harder than the average type. End results are highly detailed and lend themselves to be filled in with colour. Following numbers in the sequence is a great stress-busting activity and can help improve hand/eye coordination. Makes an easy activity for care home residents.


Large Print Christmas Puzzle Book


Packed full of fun puzzles for varying abilities, our very own Large Print Christmas Puzzle Book is in lovely bold print for easy reading by older care home residents. Simple word searches, crosswords and other enjoyable puzzles to while away a happy afternoon. Makes a great gift for an older loved one and especially good for anyone with a dementia to keep minds active. Can be photocopied for group sessions.