Queen's 90th - Care Homes - How To Make Your Party Great

Are you a care or nursing home planning a party to celebrate our Queen’s 90th Birthday? With only two weeks to go, here is our guide to making the occasion a successful and memorable one for all concerned.

  • Set aside a large indoor room to allow the party to still go ahead if the weather is rainy or chilly. Many people look forward to a celebration party and it is extremely disappointing if it has to be cancelled.
  • Plan ahead for party plates/cups/napkins etc.  Always order more than you think you will need to allow for extra guests on the day.
  • Involve the residents by getting them to help with decorations e.g. paper chains, table decorations (small tissue flower arrangements) or placemats (decorate our Union Jacks – see our free downloads). Maybe get them to ice some cupcakes and decorate with small sweets.
  • Make sure party food is small and easy to handle i.e. sandwich fillings that don’t fall out easily.  Ideal foods are cream cheese, egg mayonnaise, meat/fish paste, sardine etc.  Small scones with jam & cream, decorated cupcakes, fruit in jelly set in paper cups. Jugs of squash and plain water. Any individual with special dietary requirements need to be thought about too.
  • Make sure you have some music playing in the background – songs to sing along to are ideal, if time allows, why not print copies of the lyrics for everyone to join in.
  • Blow up some images of the Queen across the decades and scatter them on the table (or put them on the wall) to encourage discussion and memories.
  • If space allows, leave room for some dancing.  Songs such as ‘The Lambeth Walk’, ‘Okey Cokey’ etc. will encourage people to join in the fun.
  • Ensure there are plenty of extra staff on hand to mop up spills/help take residents to the toilet etc.

Take plenty of photographs of the day for the residents and their relatives to enjoy and use for discussion.

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