Partner Program

Activities to Share Partner Program

At Activities to Share we love to work with other people and organisations who share the same values and similar goals as we do. So we have created a partner program to help facilitate different types of relationship with other parties. Whether you are a freelance activities coordinator, a care home supplier, or another business with overlapping aims, we have something that should work for you.

Commission Sales

For people or companies who feel they can sell our products off the back of what they are doing anyway then we offer commission sales as an easy way of getting extra income from your efforts. We offer a 10% commission on each order that is made with your reference ID, and we look after all the transactions with the customer (e.g. taking payment, shipping, and handling returns etc). To get your ID so we can track the orders arising from the work you do, please contact our team on 01227 362858 or

Drop Ship Sales

For people or companies who want to sell our products and who handle the interaction with the customer we can offer a drop shipping service so that you don’t need to take on stock. You handle the transactions with the customer and provide the customer service, we just handle the shipping on your behalf. On this setup we give you a 15% discount off our RRP.

Commission Sales Plus

This is aimed at people or organisations who are willing to take a more active role in interacting with the customer, but who don’t want to take on stock of their own. On this scheme you take the order (and payment) from the customer and place your own order with us. You also take care of delivering to the customer. For this extra level of involvement offer the higher level of discount of 20%.


If you are a dealer or retailer and are willing to buy stock and market our products yourselves in areas that don’t directly compete with us then we can offer you  25% discount. On this scheme we expect you to hold your own stock and perform all the interaction with the customer.

Summary Table

For all schemes we offer a 50% discount for samples unless otherwise agreed, these samples are not for resale.

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