When the weather's fine, it's nice to get outside in the garden or park. Everyone enjoys listening to nature and seeing a different view. Our outdoor bundles are ideal for such days to take along with you to get everyone involved in something fun.

We have saved you the time and effort in putting together activity bundles that are aimed at people of all abilities - no one gets left out.

You will also find a few products we think will be great in the garden adding sensory and relaxation with sound and movement. Why not hang our Wind Spinner decoration near a window to add interest, or maybe place our Wooden Family set hidden around plant pots to delight - (you may find a few people giving them names..). Or make and decorate our Terracotta Wind Chime kit, a lovely outdoor activity that will go on giving pleasure.

Our produts can used in a group, one to one or for families to play together so grandparents and grandchildren can all join in.

If you would like a more bespoke kit, just contact us and we will be happy to help. Ring us on: 01227 363858 or email on:

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Hobby Bundle - Explore the Rockpools


Have a day at the beach without even getting your feet wet! Our kit allows for tactile fun with lots of scope for reminiscing. Just fill a bowl with water and drop shells and sea creatures into it, then scoop up with the fishing net and talk about your findings using the identification cards.