Our Number Floor Mat and Question Card Set is a long standing favourite for people of all ages and abilities. Everyone loves to play this simple but fun number game! Throw your bean bags onto the numbers and answer the simple question to practise numeracy skills. Ideal for care home residents to keep brains sharp.

Activity Ideas

  • Question cards can be used on their own for a fun quiz anywhere - why not take them along on a journey to keep everyone amused.
  • Throw the bean bags and add up the scores they land on (or subtract). First player to reach 250 wins.
  • Keep Fit - Just using the 5, 10 and 15 cards face down in a random pile - pick up the top card and throw a beanbag and try to get it to land on that same number - if you miss you must do repeat stretches or hand/foot rotations of how ever the number depicts i.e. 10 arm stretches etc.

Target throwing is a consistently popular quiz game for the elderly in day centres and care homes. It is accessible to everyone and guaranteed to get even the most reluctant players involved, it only takes seconds to set up!

This type of activity helps retain hand/eye coordination and is great to include as part of a gentle exercise programme for older people.

Care homes tell us that this is one of their most requested games for people with dementia. It is sociable, competitive & encourages conversation, often leading to reminiscing about fair ground games from the past.

Our Number Floor Mat© has been designed and tested by Activities to Share, so we know how well it works in most care environments, including hospitals, where it is used as an activity for patients with Alzheimer's disease.

Size: (l) 95cm x (w) 95cm.  Made from durable PVC, it rolls up for easy storage and comes with 4 assorted coloured bean bags. Includes 60 question cards.

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