Music is universally enjoyed by virtually everyone, no matter what age or ability. Even those with  hearing disability can feel vibrations and bang a tambourine to the rhythm.

Our range of musical instruments and CDs will appeal to all tastes. Percussion sets have a range of instruments from maracas, bell shakers to bongo drums.

Singing is a great way to bond and we know how you love to sing in a group. Our huge selection of CD and songbook sets cover wartime favourites, 1950s rock and roll to the fun 60s and 70s. We also have singalong karaoke CDs featuring John McSweeney playing and singing many well-loved songs and medleys to join in with.

For added interest, check out our Music and Hat Activity Bag. Play the CD of popular tunes and wear the hat that goes with it - from a cowboy hat, fez and bowler hat to a policeman's helmet - this game will have everyone laughing!

If comedy is your thing, you'll love our Kings of Comedy CD set. All the hilarious skits and songs from Peter Sellers and the Goons to Terry Scott and Tony Hancock.