Model Army 'March' to Help Dementia

Model Army 'March' to Help Dementia

A display of over 200 miniature terracotta warriors is being held in Ullapool Visual Arts Centre in Scotland. The exhibition is being held to raise awareness of people living with dementia – indeed many of the figures have been crafted by local residents in care homes and also young people in the local area.

The exhibition was inspired by China’s famous Terracotta Warriors; a huge collection of 8,000 lifesize terracotta warrior models that are thought to be from around 246B.C. some of which currently on display in Liverpool's World Museum until 2018.

The Ullapool collection is made up of an eclectic mix of figures, including a ski-ing polar bear, a pirate and a sculpture of the late singer Amy Winehouse. Artistic coordinator,  Anne-Marie Quinn said that the exhibition was ‘a beautiful symbol of a community, full of individual characters, all standing together in support of people made vulnerable by dementia.’

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