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Maxi Memory Inventions


Travel back in time and match the inventions past and present. Great game to help improve memory with real-life images on thick, durable board 9cm cards. Makes a good game to help with memory loss in anyone living with a dementia. Images make a great conversation starter too!


Memo Sounds Game


Highly tactile game to appeal to all the senses. Place pieces face down and select two, then shake each and see if the sounds match. If not place back and let another player try. If you are correct then turn them over to display the image. Ideal to improve listening skills for younger and older players.


SenioMemo Memory Game


36 chunky wooden tiles printed with 18 different images to match in assorted ways. No stressful rules to follow. Can match by type (i.e outdoor or kitchenware). Aids conversation.


Tactile Maxi Memory - Everyday Life


Another great set of extra large tactile cards to match with a game of Pairs or Snap. Each design has a linked tactile finish to 'feel' and match with a similar one. Images of everyday life make a great discussion topic.