Memory Joggers - Entertainers

These Entertainers Memory Joggers Cards can be used as a group activity with older people to encourage reminiscence in care homes and day centres.

There's something for everyone in these 50 laminated cards, spanning the years from World War II to 1980.

Celebrities from the past have always been a favourite topic that creates reminiscence and conversation, as events and personalities are remembered.

These Memory Joggers Cards are a great group reminiscence activity.  Remembering the past improves the quality of life for older people in care homes and day centres.

Divided into seven categories, there will be cards that interest everyone.

Includes a 36-page information booklet detailing historical events that link to the memories of today's older generation.

Cards introduce us to people like Bill Hayley, a young Frank Sinatra, the Goons, the Beatles and other favourites such as Violet Carson, Morecambe and Wise, Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor.

Boxed set includes brief notes on the reverse of the card plus innovative ideas for use.

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