Match the Foods - another fun, new addition to our popular series of Match the... games. This time, match the two halves together to make well-known foods such as: Sausage and/Mash, Welsh/Rarebit, Scotch/Broth and many more. 30 to match in large bold print - ideal for older care home residents. Especially good for anyone with a sight impairment too.

Activity Ideas:

  • Each time a player correctly guesses the meal, see if they can name 3 ingredients used in the dish?
  • Write the meal titles on a board with missing letters - see if players can name them.
  • Using the crib card, organise the meals into categories - ie: starter or snacks, main course and desserts etc. This is a useful activity for anyone with a dementia.

Another new addition to our popular series of Match the... games. Match the two halves however you like! Why not have a competition and see how many different dishes you can make?

Titles include: Sausage and/Mash, Welsh/Rarebit, Scotch/Broth and many more - 30 to match.

Large, bold print and highly durable.

Why not play in a group, pull one half out of the bag and see who can call out the other half?

Comes with its own cotton drawstring bag for easy storage.

Size: Tiles (h) 3cm x (l) variable.

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