For 'Film Buffs' everywhere, Match the Film Title Set 1 - our latest edition in the 'Match The...' series. 30 classic film titles to match up including: 'The Wizard Of Oz' and 'The Longest Day'. 60 wipe-clean tiles in large, bold print that are easy to grip for older hands. Makes a fun care home activity for people of all abilities.

Activity Ideas

  • Can be played as a group activiy with one person reading out one half of the title - players call out the other half. If they are correct, they keep the tile. Winner is the person with the most winning pairs.
  • Why not play as a game of 'pairs' by placing the tiles face down on a table and turing over 2, if they match you keep them, if not place them down ready for the next player. Helps with memory recall.
  • Add exra fun to the game by also naming a famous actor or character from the film (or nominate another player to do).
  • Select a film title at random and give everyone a piece of paper. How many words can you make from the title.

For 'Film Buffs' everywhere, our latest edition in the 'Match The...' series. 30 classic film titles to match up including: 'The Wizard/Of Oz' and 'The Longest/Day'.

30 various catchphrases in large, bold print on wipe-clean plastic tiles. Answer card included.

This will make a great activity for families to play together. Especially useful for anyone with a dementia as can be used to trigger past memories.

Set includes:

  • 30 film title tiles (split in two, so makes 60 in total)
  • laminated answer card
  • yellow cotton drawstring bag

Tile size: (l) various (w) 3cm x (h) 0.3cm.

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