Create colourful mandala mobiles

A pack of washable mandala stencils to use in a number of ways.

Place on to a sheet of black card and stick in place using blue tac or something that is easily removed from the card draw around the outside

Then with chalks, neon paints, or wax crayons colour in the stencil

Once complete , if needed leave to dry and then remove the stencil

Cut out your mandala, make a hole with a hole punch and hang - you can stick two designs back to back to make the decoration double sided.

Another use is to tape the stencils to a window and use the liquid chalks - ART25 to colour in the stencils - when complete remove and you have a colourful lightcatcher display.

You can also use the stencils as templates to use for sun catchers:

Stick torn up tissue paper to one side of the stencil and when complete stick or hang in a window to reflect the light through.

All activity ideas are ideal for all abilities.