It's good to talk - it's official! People who interact with others and share experiences are happier than those who don't. Our range of products make it easy to bond with others - especially those in a group session.

Anyone with language barriers or speech disorder will find our Communication Board a real help. Just point to the image or word you need. Double-sided with bold, colourful images.

To break the ice - why not try our Toss and Talk balls. Each ball has different questions printed around the surface - just choose from one that either thumb touches and try to answer, then throw it to another - it's a great way to find out about each other.

For one to one (or groups) our Let's Talk cards will prompt conversation and our range of Reminiscence Conversation Cards are designed to evoke fond memories or times past - choose from Pasttimes, As We Were or Decades.

Our range of DVS cover relaxing images and sounds like Tropical Oceans; beautiful underwater scenes to delight everyone, or woodland animals with birdsong and babbling brooks. For something more upbeat, why not go for one of our karaoke DVDs to get everyone singing along - great for a party atmosphere!