Libraries - A New Source for Reminiscence Collections

Your local library may now be able to offer a range of resources to assist with reminiscence in the elderly and for anyone with a dementia like Alzheimer’s. These are in the form of Reminiscence/Memory Boxes that are available on loan and are filled with an assortment of items such as scrapbooks, postcards, books and replica items like old tins, toys and household goods that will awaken the past.

Activities to Share are pleased to announce that we have been instrumental in providing many of the resources for these boxes and are constantly sourcing new items to keep the boxes fresh and interesting to people from all walks of life.

Reminiscence Boxes are a proven aid for people with dementia and can help with communication and social interaction. They can often ‘unlock’ memories and enable relatives and carers to engage with a loved one as an enjoyable shared experience.

Click here to see Reminiscence Box 1, Reminiscence Box 2 and Reminiscence Toy Box on our website or latest catalogue, or contact your local library to enquire further.

You can also view our full range of Reminiscence Picture books, available in 13 topics and specially designed for people with dementia to encourage conversation and evoke memories.

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