A fun and light-hearted way of making a connection through conversation. 3 different themes that make these cards a long-lasting activity solution.

Designed to be a fun, light- hearted activity that all carers can use. Let's Talk cards fit neatly in the pocket, are simple to use and a great way to make creative conversation.

The pack is divided into three themes:

One Thing - example: 'One thing that amuses me...',  'One thing I have never wanted to do...'

Think Back - example: 'Have you ever had a treasured possession?',  'What did you do during your school holidays as child?'       

Let's Talk - example: 'If you could meet a really famous person, who would it be?'

Ideal for care homes, day centres, hospitals and schools, either for group work or on a one-to-one basis.

80 cards each measures: (l) 11.4cm x (w) 7.5cm. Instructions. Boxed.


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