The January edition from Let's Chat is here!

Gather round and enjoy the company of the Let's Chat Ladies while they take you through interesting facts, poems, pictures and conversations with regards to British Wildlife and the wonders of Winter.


Keep warm and cosy while we chat about cold wintery weather and the fun we have in the snow! Hear some interesting facts about snowflakes and enjoy the music and a poem.

British wildlife

Guess which animal won Britain’s wildlife icon. Chat about the wildlife you like to see. Have a go at the word activity,  enjoy the facts, music, poem, and the fantastic wildlife footage.

We have some lovely activities for everyone to do that go with the theme of winter or British wildlife.

Take a look at our colouring Woodland Wildlife book - MMWA and paint by numbers Woodland Deer - PBN701

If sewing is more your thing take a look at our Wildland Friends - needle felting kit - SMK09

We also have a few winter jigsaw puzzles - PR25, PR69 and PR61

For those that like a good puzzle book we have our Autumn/Winter Large Print Book - LPAWPB