Keeping Active For All Abilities

Sprat Fishing Numbers Game

Older people can be especially vulnerable to falls and sprains, keeping bodies active can help with muscle tone and bone strength and can help improve balance and suppleness. Our range of fun activities are just the thing for all abilities and will get everyone joining in (just like our Sprat Fishing Numbers Game above).

Why not get everyone involved in a dance? Our Ballroom Dancing Music CD is organized into dance genres (foxtrot, waltz etc) and will encourage residents to 'trip the light fantastic' whilst gently exericising.

Those who prefer or unable to join in, can always shake a Cheerleader Pom Pom to help upper arm muscle tone.

  • encourages social interaction - active games encourage shared experiences and usually invoke lots of laughter - a proven stress-buster!
  • help with weight loss - our fun games promote movement and are often a first step to a healthier lifestyle. Weight gain can be linked to dementia so keeping weight to a healthy level helps keep the disease at bay
  • improve balance - regular standing and stretching helps improve muscle tone and strength