Keep Active - Have Fun!

Keep Active - Have Fun!

Most of us know there are huge benefits to staying active, especially so for those in later life. It’s never too late to begin and once you start, both your body and mind will thank you. Advantages include:

  • Keeping a healthy weight
  • Stimulating poor appetite
  • Helping with high blood pressure/ angina
  • Keeping bones and muscles supple to help with balance
  • Helps keep bowels regular
  • Boosts mood and helps reduce stress and anxiety

At Activities to Share, we have a wide range of games that will make exercising fun! Many are especially chosen for group activity sessions to appeal to residents in a care setting or day centres. Our best sellers include:

Inflatable games – Giant Bowls, Giant Hoopla, Pond Toss Game and Cheese Toss Game

These can be played seated or standing and are great for upper body exercise. Keeping scores will also utilise numeracy skills.

Floor Mats – Number, Decades and Quiz

Only take seconds to set up but will create fun and give bodies a good stretch while aiming their bean bags. Each will give brains a good workout for either  numeracy, reminiscence or general knowledge skills.

Parachutes and Octabands

For a whole body workout, go for a Parachute. Choose from 8 handles or 12 - we also offer a special CD packed with musical exercise ideas. Our Octabands also come in two sizes: 8 or 16 ‘leg’ for different sized groups. Both of these games can be used seated or standing and offer gentle workouts with a twist.

Chair Activity Bingo

Yes, really! Now you can play bingo and stay fit with this fun game that incorporates a series of stretches for those who are unable to stand. Played in the same way as traditional bingo, except you have to match (and try) the exercise called.

Tin Can Alley

Warning! This game can enourage loud laughter! Not for the faint-hearted, this is fun with a capital F. Pile up the tins and see how many you can knock down with your bean bags. Good for stretching upper torso. Can be played seated or

Exercise CDs and DVDs

Designed with older people in mind, we offer a full range of gentle exercises in either DVD or CD format. ‘Move It Or Lose It’ DVD1 is ideal for beginners and those who are unable to stand. DVD2 is slightly more challenging for people who can sit and stand. **NEW DVD3 COMING SOON!** ‘Sit To Get Fit’ CD encourages gentle stretching to classical music and is suitable for all abilities. Great if there is no access to a DVD player.

We also have a wide range of balls, bean bags and resistance bands to accompany the above DVDs and CDs to make the exercises more tactile and to keep interest levels high.

The Government recommends at least two sessions of exercise per week, so check out our brilliant range and make it fun to get fit!

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