The Jewel Stone Game is a highly versatile game, designed with care home residents in mind. There are so many ways to play this game so it will differing levels of ability amongst residents. The large pieces make it easy to handle and see.

Activity Ideas

  • This can be played just like domineos by sharing out all the pieces and taking it in turn to match the number of jewels
  • The set includes a set of dice with colours and numbers this can be used to help steer the game
  • You could put out one starting piece and then all the players can race to get rid of all their pieces quickly as possible
  • You can match numbers, colours, or both, and work with number sequences
  • You can deal out the pieces, have people take a piece out one at a time from the bag, or have all the pieces layed out on the table
  • You could play a game of menory by laying out pairs of pieces on the table

Pretty Jewel Stone Game with tactile coloured stones that are great to touch.

Lots of possibilities and great for anyone with sight impairment or dementia.

Large 6cm diameter discs stored in a velvet bag that are easy to grip for older hands.

Makes a perfect activity for care home residents and can help with concentration and help stimulate the senses, while relieving boredom.

Game includes:

  • 36 discs
  • 2 x colour dice
  • 2 x number dice
  • velvet storage bag
  • instructions

Size: discs: (dia) 6cm (d) 0.9cm. Dice: (l) 2.5cm x (w) 2.5cm x (d) 2.5cm.

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