Take the traditional game of rock, paper, scissors and give it a new twist with these fun inflatable cubes. See who beats who by rolling to decide teams, resolve conflicts and make decisions


We’ve taken the old favorite game of rock, paper, scissors and literally blown it up... with our inflatable 12” dice version! Includes 2 jumbo dice, one with all green graphics and the other all black to identify who rolled which dice. Have fun just seeing who beats who with each roll or use a way to make decisions, resolve conflicts, or make up teams.
Set includes 2 x inflatable cubes, one printed in green, the other black.
Rules are:
Each player chooses a coloured cube, then rolls the cube until it lands with the symbol on top. See below to see who trumps who!
  • scissors cut paper (scissors wins)
  • paper wraps rock (paper wins)
  • rock blunts scissors (rock wins)

Size: Cubes: (l) 30cm x (w) 30cm x (d) 30cm. Pack of 2 x cubes (deflated).


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