Get painting with our new Gouache Painting Bundle - make a great gift for anyone that likes to paint as a hobby.

Get painting with our new Gouache Painting Bundle.  A type of watercolour paint which is perfect for beginners, once dry re-apply water to the painting to make minor alterations.

Set includes 2 x ART22 - Canvas Art Boards, 1 x GPS12 - Gouache paint Set of 12 paint tubes and 1 x ART21 - Artist Brushes

Comes in a brown paper bag, great to paint on..

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*MULTIBUY OFFER. Make your own personalised room or door decoration with our Polystyrene Wreath. Paint it, then attach anything you fancy, from greenery from the garden that easily pushes into the lightweight wreath, to dried flowers, berries and ribbon - you could even push in some brightly coloured feathers for a fun quirky decoration. Makes an easy tactile craft activity for older people in care homes - especially good for anyone with a dementia or sight impairment.

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Glittery Christmas Tree Tags (pack of 4)


Natural gift tags just waiting for you to add some colour. Our Glittery Christmas Tree Tags come in a pack of 4 so there is plenty of scope for your own creative style. Makes a great tactile group activity for older people in care homes and is especially suitable for anyone with dementia. Why not add some paint or stick on some glittery pom poms for 'baubles'? Then attach to your gift for a personalised touch.

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Everything you need to make delightful stained-glass effect lanterns. 16 sets of pre-cut card and paper to make it a great group activity, especially for older people. Why not pop over a safe tea light to bring out a gentle glow.


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Our Felt Tip Pens include every colour of the rainbow to choose from to suit all tastes. Non-toxic and suitable for all art projects - how will you use yours? Ideal for use for older people in care homes with our huge range of adult colouring books, many which are suitable for anyone with dementia - try our Retro Themed Colouring Book range, with bold, simple outlines or for more detail, our Adult Colouring Book Set is the perfect way to spend a relaxing few hours.