Everyone's a winner when playing this jumbo, inflatable hard-to-miss version of the classic game Hoopla (or Quoits). Great for anyone with limited dexterity.

Everyone's a winner when playing this jumbo, inflatable, hard-to-miss version of the classic game Hoopla.

The aim of the game is simple; throw the giant inflatable hoops onto the cross bar and add up your score as you throw.

Great for any age and ability.

Can be played by everyone - either standing or sitting.

Made from durable PVC, it is tough enough to withstand the most enthusiastic play!

Set includes: 1 x inflatable crossbar base and 4 x rings (2 each of red and blue).

Size: base (l) 153cm x (w) 153cm. Rings: (dia) 46cm.

Please note pump not included. Available for purchase separately - code PUMP1.

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