Keeping Active - DVDs CDs and Books For All Abilities

Activity coordinators and carers can sometime worry about getting the level of exercise right for older people but don't worry, our fitness Move it or Lose it DVD range and Sit to Get Fit CD offer the right level of moves and all done by a professional to guide you every step of the way. Julie Robinson is a trusted leader in the field of exercise for older bodies. With three levels to choose from and all can be done either seated or standing, they offer a perfect solution for you.

In these stressful times, why not try our Yoga for Dementia book? Gentle, relaxing stretches that will ease tension and help keep bodies supple to avoid breaks and strains.

If you want something more energetic - take a look at our Party Megamix CD sets (choose from 1950s/60s or 1970s/80s) each has a CD included with short medleys just suited to keep fit moves (why not try a circuit of maybe 6 different moves to interchange to?)

Take a look at our Fitness Accessories range too - these can make any form of exercise more fun and will encourage others to take part (they may not want to stretch but are happy to wave a feather boa around).