Fidget Therapy Aids, Coordination & Dexterity

Fidget Therapy Aids - Coordination and Dexterity

Nuts and Bolts

Designed for older people, those recovering from a stroke or anyone with limited hand function, our wide range of games and other unique hand therapy aids are a fun way to help improve grip and fine motor skills and help keep independence.

Twisting and untwisting chunky Nuts and Bolts can help keep hands busy. Why not treat a loved one to an Activity Cushion or Apron (if they are inclined to move about from chair to chair), the assorted attachments will be fun to twiddle and twist and can help keep boredom and stress at bay.

  • helps improve circulation - keeping fingers working helps with muscle tone and blood flow
  • Lowers stress levels - stroking soft fabrics can create a sense of calm
  • aids concentration - dexterity games keep minds focused and stimulated
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Cross Stitch Kit - Blue Bird


This lovely cross stitch kit is one in four we are now stocking. Chosen for its beautiful design and ease of use. With all you need included in the kit, it is a great activity for anyone that enjoys embroidery.


Cross Stitch Kit - Flora Cat


Every cat lovers delight, embroid this colourful cat and place it in a frame to admire.


Textured Bobble Ball ( Deflated)


Pack of 12 deflated textured balls, makes catching easy, create patterns in sand or paint.


Wall Panel - Wobbly Discs


A Visual Sensory Wall Panel with Rotating Discs along Rods


Wall Panel - Sound Effect Ball


A sensory wall panel with soothing sounds


Billy the Cat 3 in 1 Companion *OUT OF STOCK until JULY 2022*


Billy the Cat is more than just a cuddly companion, he can become a hand puppet, can be a hand warmer or a sensory experience too! * We also have Brando the Dog - BTD663 or Penny the Cat - PPP2*


Brando the Dog 3 in 1 Companion


Brando the Dog is more than just a cuddly companion, he can become a hand puppet, can be a hand warmer or a sensory experience too! Our soft, fluffy pup comes with an internal sock for your hand, plus a pouch filled with granules that add weight to make him feel like a real dog and a spare pouch that can be filled with sensory items such as Lavender for relaxation or wheat to warm in a microwave and turn him into a hand warmer. Makes a thoughtful gift for an older relative living with a dementia in a care home.


Feely Bags Wall Panel


Wall Panel with Feely Bags to fill giving a hands-on sensory experience


Joyk Empathy Doll - Sofia


Sofia is a bundle of joy just waiting for you to take her on an adventure


Joyk Empathy Doll - Tom


Tom with his adorable cheeky face will light up anyone's day!