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Active Hands© (set of 6 items)


Active Hands set - a carefully selected set of products to keep restless hands busy all in a neat cotton drawstring bag.


Activity Apron© - Blue


Bring in the summer vibes with our new Activity Apron. Designed especially for people living with a dementia like Alzheimer's. The Apron will provide tactile and sensory stimulation, keeping restless hands busy. Five tactile attachments to touch, slide, zip, loop, plait, twist etc.


Activity Apron© - Yellow


Bring in the summer vibes with our Yellow Activity Apron.


Architects Threading Designs


Create your own house with this Architects Threading Designs set. Shaped wooden pieces that are sewn together to make up different sized buildings - you choose how to design them. You can create your own village or maybe one larger building? Laces are easily passed through the holes - no needle needed. Perfect for older people as keeps minds engaged and can help improve hand/eye coordination. Also utilises spacial awareness, colour coordination and symmetry.