Empathy Dolls

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Designed to be nurtured by people with dementia and bring back happy memories of parenthood. Choose from Ben, Bonnie, Maria, Meiya or Oliver.

Doll therapy is at last being used by a growing number of care homes across the UK for people with dementia. We now understand more about the benefits of using dolls and soft toys and can explain to family members how they can bring about a real sense of well being for their loved ones with dementia. 

There are various theories as to why doll therapy works. Some believe it brings back happy memories of parenthood and of being useful and needed. For some residents, doll therapy is "very much a nurturing thing as it gives them a sense of meaning and purpose".

These dolls are beautifully hand-made in Sweden and their outfits are delightful. Dolls have a weighted bottom which means they have the feel of a real baby and are just the right size to cradle in your arms.

Dolls can be machine washable on a lukewarm soft cycle.

Size: (h) 50cm. Weight: 1000g.



Picture of Empathy Doll - Meiya
Empathy Doll - Meiya
With her stripey top, comfy jeans and cheeky smile Meiya is our most popular companion for people with dementia.Empathy dolls have weighted bottoms and feel just like the real thing. Ideal for use in doll therapy for people living with dementia to help evoke nurturing instincts.
Picture of Empathy Doll - Emil
Empathy Doll - Emil
Emil is a typical boy all kitted out in his smart blue outfit, tousled hair and rosy cheeks.His cheeky smile is a real winner with everyone.Weighted bottom that makes him ideal to cradle on the hip. Ideal for doll therapy with dementia patients to invoke caring instincts and alleviate stress.
Picture of Empathy Doll - Anna
Empathy Doll - Anna
Anna is guaranteed to melt everyone's heart with her impish smile, gingham dress and knitted red cardigan. Her 'wayward' hair is tied in pigtails. Used extensively for doll therapy with people living with a dementia. Helps to evoke caring instincts and alleviate stress.