Empathy Doll Kid - Alma has all the features of our full sized Empathy dolls but in a smaller size. Dolls can encourage nurturing instincts and make a lovely companion to cuddle. Will fit our Vintage Dolls Pram. Removable clothes and washable.

Activity Ideas:

  • Pop a beating Empathy Heart inside your doll's outfit so that the doll has a realistic feel - especially for anyone suffering from anxiety.
  • Place a shallow cardboard box nearby with a couple of teatowels inside for the doll user to make into a little bed. Maybe sing the beginning of some nursery rhymes and encourage the person to sing along too.
  • Pop a few drops of sensory oil onto a hanky or an Empathy Doll Scent Bag and tuck into a doll's pocket or outfit to create a scent. Ask if the person can recognise the scent? Discuss where you might find something with that smell. Can use lavender if the person finds it difficult to sleep.
  • Leave a soft hairbrush nearby - the act of brushing hair can be soothing for an older person and will keep hands busy too.

Alma has all the features of our full sized Empathy dolls but in a smaller size. Dolls can encourage nurturing instincts and make a lovely companion to cuddle.

She has her hair tied in pretty bunches and has a removable dress for easy washing after a day's play.

Alma even has her own little shoulder purse to keep her special keepsakes in.

Made from polyester fleece.

Removable outfit can be washed at 30ºC. Doll can be sponge cleaned.

Clothes can be washed at 30ºC. Doll sponge cleanable.

NB: Always introduce a doll gradually. Seat on a chair and allow the person to get used to it, picking it up and nursing it in their own time. If they show no interest, never try to push it on their lap. If the person becomes very attached, ensure others do not take it away or play with it as this can cause upset and jealousy.

Size: (h) 36cm.

See also: Empathy Doll Kid Tim and Empathy Doll Anna.

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