Ida, the latest addition to our Empathy Doll family designed for people with a dementia to nurture and care for. Dolls have weighted bottoms, making them ideal to cradle on the hip. Machine washable and can be tumble dried.

Our empathy dolls are top quality and a real favourite with people with a dementia, who still find comfort in nurturing and caring.

Dolls have weighted bottoms making them ideal to cradle on the hip.

Can be machine washed at 30ºC and tumble dried on a low heat. Clothes can be removed for washing separately.

Size: (l) 50cm. Weight: 1kg. Machine washable on a low temperature.

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Empathy Doll - Emil


Emil is a typical boy all kitted out in his smart blue outfit, tousled hair and rosy cheeks.His cheeky smile is a real winner with everyone. Weighted bottom that makes him ideal to cradle on the hip. Ideal for doll therapy with dementia patients to invoke caring instincts and alleviate stress.


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With her stripey top, comfy jeans and cheeky smile Meiya is our most popular companion for people with dementia.Empathy dolls have weighted bottoms and feel just like the real thing. Ideal for use in doll therapy for people living with dementia to help evoke nurturing instincts.


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