COVID-19 - Activities for Elderly People in Isolation

During this COVID-19 pandemic, many older people are having to stay isolated, whether in a care home or in their own homes. Boredom can become a real issue and can sometimes lead to depression, loss of appetite and feelings of worthlessness.

To help, we have specially selected a range of activity ideas suitable for all abilities, including those living with dementia. Why not treat someone you know to a large piece plastic jigsaw puzzle. These are fully washable and the larger than average pieces are perfect for older hands with limited grip.

Anyone creative will enjoy one of our colouring or painting books, ready-drawn scenes that will inspire a budding artist to bring to life, or maybe a spot of birdwatching will bring joy, our kit is just the thing to spy on the antics of the local bird population.

Loneliness can be helped with adding a furry companion to stroke, our Joy For All cat will sound and move just like the real thing - without the hassle of owning a real animal.

For more activity ideas, see the rest of our website.