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Empathy Doll Clothes Set


Help your Empathy Doll become the best dressed with this set of beautifully made clothes. Set consists of: 1 x blouse, 1 x dress, 1 x tunic, 1 x trousers and 1 x hair band. Older people with dementia love to care for dolls and love to dress and undress them to bring back dormant memories of nurturing their own children. Can lead to meaningful discussion and aids relaxation.


Empathy Doll Denim Set (6 items)


Up to the minute fashion with this Empathy Doll Denim Set, comprising of: 1 x shirt, 1 x trousers, 1 x scarf, 1 x hat and 1 x pair of gloves. People living with a dementia enjoy dressing and undressing dolls and generally caring for them as it unlocks feelings of nurturing and can help give a sense of purpose and relieves boredom. Makes a great gift for a loved one in a care home.


Empathy Doll Outdoor Set


Trendy cord set for any event. Our Empathy Outdoor Set of clothing will add fun to any Empathy doll to enable undressing and dressing - helping to bring about dormant memories of nurturing and caring for families. Many older people with dementia will talk and cuddle a doll, helping to relieve stress and provide companionship - especially when self-isolating. Set comprises jacket, trousers, long-sleeved tee-shirt, shoes and reversible hat.


Empathy Doll Pyjamas Set


Cute set of Empathy Doll Pyjamas to suit either girl or boy doll and just the thing to encourage anyone enjoying doll comfort to help get them changed for bedtime. 100% cotton in a grey and white checked fabric, this set will make them the best-dressed doll around! Makes an ideal care home activity for older people living with a dementia. Doll therapy can help bring out dormant nurturing instincts and alleviate stress and boredom.