Men in Their Sheds - Activities For Men in Care Homes

Construction Set

Many older men will have been used to working with their hands, be it for their work or for a hobby. Some will enjoy having the opportunity to handle tools and bang, twist, screw etc using the tactile actions that would have been familiar. This is especially useful for anyone living with dementia as the actions can trigger dormant memories and help encourage conversation and sharing experiences with others in a similar situation. Why not include our Workbench to keep them busy or our wooden Construction Set that gives an endless variety of ways to construct working models.

Make a real difference and make a corner to resemble a shed interior? A wooden bench with a 'window' looking out onto a garden scene (take a look at our peel and stick murals) or ring us to talk about a bespoke mural to depict a shed wall with tools hanging?.

Our range of products are just the job to get the chaps involved and chatting together over a cuppa!

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Sea Battle Game


Similar to the traditional game of Battleships, this eco-friendly wooden game of Sea Battle is played in just the same way. Try to outsmart your opponent as you take turns to call out coordinates and deduce the position of each other’s fleet. A firm favourite for older people in care homes - this game is great to keep minds and hands active. Wooden board game set includes wooden games board, 2 sets of battleships & pins. Ideal cognitive game.