COVID-19: What Gifts to Take When Visiting Relatives in a Care Home

COVID-19: What Gifts to Take When Visiting Relatives in a Care Home

During this COVID-19 pandemic, many of us will have sorely missed visiting our older relatives and will only have had the option of a telephone call or waving through the window. Now that the restrictions are being carefully eased, we are happily able to spend some time seeing them in person again – at a safe distance.

As is often the case, it is nice to show them how much we care and would normally take some flowers or chocolates, but why not take them something that will provide some entertainment when you are gone (and won’t wilt or get eaten!).

These days, there are many gifts designed for older people that allow for disablement, lesser sight or dementia. These can bring some much-needed light relief from the daily routine and will also serve to remind them of you when using it.

jigsaw puzzle can be a great choice. These come in a variety of sizes that older hands can grip easily. Many are made of plastic that can be wiped with sanitiser to keep hygiene standards high. Choose from 13 – 63 large pieces that fit easily in the hand. Inspiring scenes include Monet’s Garden and Seaside Nostalgia that can also trigger conversation about past travel experiences with others.

For anyone who loves painting and colouring, why not take them a gift of a Colour Creation Set. This is ideal for anyone who has lesser sight as the colour sticks have dense colour when applied, so little pressure is needed to get good definition. The kit comes with 12 different templates with bold outlines. The sticks can be wiped clean and you never know, you might get a completed picture back in return!

You may have a relative who is living with dementia. They will have found the changes in staff appearance and possibly having different carers unsettling and stressful. They may not have understood why they haven’t been able to go out or have visitors. Why not give them a gift that will help relax and soothe in times like these? Our Activity Cushions will not only cheer up a chair or bed but have a variety of fun attachments to fiddle with too. Restless hands can do/undo the zip, thread the beads, plait the cord etc. with different textures to feel and stroke. These cushions are used extensively for dementia patients and these too are easily washed clean.

Or why not take along a gift that can be enjoyed by all? You may want to say a little thank you to the staff who have worked tirelessly during lockdown. A carefully chosen Karaoke DVD can provide fun and laughter and get everyone joining in together. An activity like this can also help free up staff as it can be done with just one carer and a large TV screen. All musical tastes can be catered for – from nostalgic 1950s Karaoke Classics featuring the likes of Elvis, Bill Haley and Peggy Lee to something more current with 1970s Karoke Classics with pop favourites ABBA, the Carpenters and the Bee Gees.

So, why not take a look at Activities to Share and choose the perfect gift to show how much you care. It’s easy to order via the website, email or phone and the friendly staff can offer great guidance on suitable choices too.

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