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Bead Maze


Tactile Wooden Bead Maze will keep anyone's interest for a long time. Older people will love to manipulate the coloured beads along the wire maze to get from one side to the other. Utilises fine motor skills, helps with hand/eye coordination and can improve concentration levels. Ideal for anyone living with a dementia and also people who are sight impaired.

£39.99 £27.99

Natural Wooden Craft Sticks


So versatile, these Natural Wooden Craft Sticks can be used for lots of craft projects - as well as for making lollies of course! Eco friendly wood, the sticks can be decorated to suit personal tastes. Ideal for care home craft activities indoors and out. Can be used as seed markers, paint stirrers or as a quick bookmark.


Springtime Stencils (Pack of 6)


Perfect for cards or seasonal posters. Why not make a place mat by taking a plain piece of fabric and using our fabric paint pens and stencilling one of the designs to make it unique! Maybe even embellish with buttons/ribbon etc.

£4.99 £3.99

Toss and Talk Ball - All About Men


One just for the gentlemen - our newest Toss and Talk Ball - All About Men is the perfect way to spend a morning. Can be played seated or standing -just toss the ball and talk about the item your thumb is closest to. Lots of fun subjects i.e: 'Military Rankings in the Army' or 'Types of Breeds of Dog' - something for everyone. Incorporates gentle upper body exercise and keep the brain cells ticking over too! Great for care home residents to play.