COVID-19: Huggable Christmas Gifts for Older Relatives in Care Homes

COVID-19:  Huggable Christmas Gifts for Older Relatives in Care Homes

Ways to keep in touch

Many of us have older loved ones that we normally enjoy visiting at this special time of the year, but due to the pandemic this may not be possible. In many cases the only way to see them is over the internet on a Zoom or Skype system.

A new fun way to communicate could be to use the Famileo package: families upload photographs and messages to the site, where they are organised into a magazine format which is sent to the family member to read and enjoy.

Gift ideas for older relatives

Precious Petzzz Sammy King Charles Spaniel

It can often be difficult to know what gift to give to someone who is elderly and we often resort to the tried and trusted gloves, hankies or sweet treats. How much more problematic then for a relative who is living with a dementia like Alzheimer’s disease? Standard gifts may be met with a blank stare or confusion with the wrapping paper giving more pleasure than the present itself.

If you are not able to physically give your loved one a hug this Christmas, why not give a huggable gift instead? Our range of soft gifts are suitable for people of all abilities and will be welcomed with open arms. All are fully washable or wipe clean to keep hygiene levels high.

Activities to Share work closely with care homes and hospitals in order to design and make products that are ideal for people living with a dementia. We carefully source products that are especially durable but with the tactile appeal needed. We understand how they can suffer with restless hands and fingers and have low levels of concentration for normal games and conversation.

Soft pets to hug

Most care homes don’t allow pets but many older people find the rhythmic act of stroking a furry animal soothing and it can lower heart rates and ease stress as well as providing a companion to combat loneliness. Our Precious Petzzz will curl up on a lap and just lay there, with a breathing action that brings it alive. There are 14 different breeds of pups, cats and bunnies to choose from and they come with their own bed to lie in, grooming brush and carry crate.

Or why not give the gift of an interactive pet that will express joy and movement to every touch and tickle? Joy for All cats and pups look and behave just like the real thing – without the hassle. They can provide constant interest for those living alone or having to isolate in a room. Many people with mid-late stage dementia have shown improved levels of concentration and happiness with these adorable pets.

Fiddle Pup Comforters are lovely to sit on a lap too. These lovely soft and cuddly pets make a lovely gift and provide comfort, warmth and sensory stimulation.  Choose from a variety of animal designs each complete with a variety of attachments to twiddle, stroke and squeeze that will help keep fingers supple and working.

Dolls to love

Baby Doll Emily

For people who have brought up families, a doll can provide an opportunity to hug and show affection that nothing else can. Our extensive range includes lifelike baby dolls that come complete with removable clothing, dummy and feeding bottle, or our larger Empathy Dolls are made of soft fabric and are slightly weighted to give the feel of a small child. Their wide legs are designed to make it easy to carry them on the hip just like mum’s do. There is even a small ‘beating’ heart pouch that can be inserted into the pocket of your doll to give a calming effect.

Any relative who would like to read more into how dolls can provide comfort, read our Doll Therapy in Dementia Care book. This will provide an insight into the psychology of this therapy and how to extend the benefits they give.

Comfy cushions with benefits

For anyone who has restless hands and fingers, our very own Activity Blanket is a cuddly soft gift that will be appreciated by anyone. Made from soft, warm fleece, each blanket has an assortment of extra attachments to twiddle, pull, button/unbutton and stroke. There is a wipe-clean clear pouch too for keeping a family photograph or other treasured item.

Activity Cushions are another thoughtful way to show you care. These can make pretty additions to a favourite chair or bed and the assortment of attachments are fun to thread, twist and twiddle.  Fabrics are chosen for sensory appeal e.g.: silky, furry, coarse etc. They are great for keeping hands active and supple.

For more ideas on thoughtful gifts this Christmas, ring our sales team on 01227 362858. We offer fast delivery too.

For more information on these and our full range of sensory products, click here.

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