COVID-19: Fun at a Safe Distance

Safe Distancing Activities

Getting enough exercise is very important, our Skittle set is a fun way of playing if participants take it in turns and the ball is washed or  wiped clean between each player. Why not have a game of softball Tennis? It is easy to keep the 2m distance and our coloured balls can ensure that each player only collects their own ball each time.

Keep minds sharp and alert with a crossword or wordsearch puzzle - these are all individual pastimes that are a great way to relax. You might even want to host your own Pub Quiz - questions can be called out to each 'team' - you can even provide a few pints of beer to make it more authentic!

Singing is a great way to join in from any seating arrangement. Our CD and songbook sets range from wartime songs to 1980s pop. You can always add some Cheerleader Pom Poms to wave in time to the music too - made from strips of lightweight plastic and plastic handles - the whole lot can be dunked in warm soapy water and left to drip dry, ready for the next fun session.

PLEASE NOTE: We are able to put packages together for care/nursing homes - just let us know the ability levels of your residents and we will select a range of items to suit. Just email us on