COVID-19: Care Home Residents - Keep Families in Touch with Famileo

COVID-19: Care Home Residents - Keep Families in Touch with Famileo

Keep Families in Touch with Famileo

Famileo is a solution that helps care homes make sure their residents remain socially engaged with their family & community.

With Famileo, residents receive every week/month a paper magazine from their family, filled with news and pictures from their loved ones. This works as a mobile application where they can write to their grandma/grandpa in a care home, an easy way to maintain the bond with them.

Once the care home has subscribed to Famileo, family and friends download the app on their smartphone, tablet or computer. They can then easily upload photos and messages to the app. The platform is confidential; relatives can only access pictures and messages from their own family.

Famileo then reorganises the content and formats it all into a folded magazine. Each week the newspaper is printed and delivered to the resident.

It improves communication between the family and the resident and can provide a vital tool to keep in touch.

Click here to see a sample magazine.

Famileo is already enjoyed by more than 100,000 families in 2,000 care homes across Europe.

If you are interested in setting up Famileo within your care home or family setting, please contact:

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