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Classic Quiz Book


2000 quiz questions covering 40 subjects and 3 ability levels, so something for everyone. A great resource for Activity Coordinators in care homes etc.

£44.99 £39.99

Colour Placement Tiles (144 assorted)


These Colour Placement Tiles will brighten up everyone's day. Can be used for colour matching, contrast, similar tone e.g pastel or vibrant, games such as using a colour and asking what items are that colour and then extending it to talk about one of the items in more detail, personal memories, likes/dislikes. Makes a versatile activity for care home residents for individual or groups.


Guess What They're Thinking


Observe the different images, then put yourself in the characters shoes and try to guess what they're thinking? 54 varied fun images with 22 blank dialogue shapes to help express your opinions.


Hand Puppet (12 assorted)


Act out your own stories with our Hand Puppet set. Wooden and fabric puppets with assorted themes such as witch, clown, queen, wizard etc plus one each of crocodile and wolf to delight your audience. Puppets can also be used for encouraging conversation in older people with a dementia i.e. they may respond better to a puppet asking them questions than a person. Why not invent your own play and then act it out with the puppets?